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Tomorrow is TODAY:
A Day in the Life of a Technology Oriented Law Firm

Today’s client expects their lawyer to be as technologically advanced, if not more so, then they are. If you are not taking advantage of technology in your law practice then you are not practicing law as effectively and efficiently as possible. This book, a companion piece to the 2015 ISBA Mutual Risk Management Conference, will show you a “day in the life” of a technologically oriented lawyer, using tools that are readily available.

Here is what you can expect to discover in this ebook:
  • How to use available technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your office and operations while avoiding ethical and technology pitfalls
  • How all of your information, including file details and documents, can be available wherever you have an internet connection
  • What are the potential ethical and technological pitfalls and what you need to know about using this technology consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • How to use Fastcase, the legal research service that is free to all ISBA and ISBA Mutual Insurance members, in the office and on the road on your mobile device
  • How you can use technology in Court and elsewhere for presentation, electronic discovery, trial and more 
  • What apps and programs are available for Apple, Windows and Android that you should consider using 

This ebook is the companion piece from our 2015 Risk Management Conference, an event that is available exclusively to lawyers we insure.

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Malpractice Insurance from ISBA Mutual is available exclusively to members of the Illinois State Bar Association. The Mutual was created by lawyers, is run by lawyers and exists to serve the needs of Illinois lawyers and law firms. 
Download Tomorrow is TODAY:
A Day in the Life of a Technology Oriented Law Firm