This resource is designed to aid in developing and implementing a backup plan to protect you, your firm, your reputation, your clients, your staff, and your family in the event of an unplanned (or, possibly, planned) long-term absence from your practice. 

In addition to a guide to finding a backup, formulating a plan and implementing your plan, the guide includes:

  • What to look for in a backup lawyer (Checklist)
  • Initial setup of a backup-lawyer system (Checklist)
  • Annual Review of backup-lawyer system (Checklist)
  • Sample Backup-Lawyer Agreement

This resource is applicable whether or not you are a solo practitioner.There are many ways to find a backup lawyer you trust. This resource can provide you with a starting point for your evaluation of your own associates as potential backup lawyers or a process to search for a lawyer outside your firm to satisfy your firm's needs.