Client Relations

A guide for Illinois Lawyers

Client Relations 
A guide for Illinois Lawyers

Every malpractice claim begins with a dissatisfied client. 

This dissatisfaction often stems not from the legal services provided by the lawyer, but from the way the client was treated by the lawyer. Clients want to feel confident that you are giving them and their case proper attention and care. This includes fully informing them of the big picture of their case which will make them respect your honesty and integrity. 

Our guide has tips on how to properly communicate all facets of a case to the client as well as making sure your team is trained to maintain high standards of timeliness and courtesy. Download our complete guide for more information on how to deal with clients properly in order to prevent a potential malpractice claim.

Learn how to improve communication with clients and enhance client satisfaction. 

We are a malpractice insurance company created by lawyers, run by lawyers, for lawyers. Unlike other insurance carriers, we only serve the Illinois lawyers malpractice market.

ISBA Mutual does not have agents or stockholders. All of the Members of our Board are Illinois lawyers who have the same needs as every lawyer and law firm insured by us. We are dedicated to fair and stable premiums, quality coverage, risk management, peer review and passing along the benefits of our successful operations to the lawyers and firms we insure in the form of dividends.


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